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Join in the fun by sending us a picture of your favourite teddy bear, and tell us why you think they should be our be Bear of the Month.

The winning bear will get their picture on our website and we’ll email a certificate you can display at home too.  Your bear should be very pleased about that. Most bears will love them, but remember, Pessabears don’t like compliments, so they probably don’t like certificates either!

Here is December’s winner!

Well this month’s Bear (s) of the month is a twosome! Not strictly within the rules but how could we resist a bear and a rabbit! This is Frankie the bear and Daisy the rabbit – although given their close friendship we think this may be another case of a rabbit who is also a bear! Well done and thanks to Flo and Bella for sending their photo in!

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Email a photo of your favourite bear to BearDimension (@) gmail.com

We just need your bear’s name and a few lines to say why they’re special and should be our Bear of the Month.

Ask Darwin and Rabbit

Once you have read Are Rabbits Bears you may find you have questions for Darwin and Rabbit. They are very happy to take questions – so please enter them using the form below. Darwin has helpfully provided a question and answer to start you off:

Q: How many books have you read?

A: I’m not sure, but it must be thousands. Here is a list of my favourites:

  • Habits of the inter-dimensional honey-bee.
  • How to win a No-Bear Prize.
  • Hexagonal Loopholes in honeybee theory
  • Important and intellectual questions all bears should ask themselves.
  • Interdimensional ideas on Quantum Bear Theory.
  • (not enough room to include the other 50 titles!)

Rabbit has also provided a question and answer:

Q: What do you do when Darwin reels off a long, boring list?

A: This is a good question, because it happens a lot. I usually sneak out of the room very quietly so he doesn’t notice (he usually doesn’t if he’s reciting a list). If he DOES notice, and goes into a sulk, then I appear with a tray of tea and scones – that always works. This is actually better than staying in the room and falling asleep. He doesn’t react well to that at all… 😉

Please send us your questions using the form below and we will publish your questions along with Darwin’s answer, or Rabbit’s answer, or whichever one of them gets hold of the fountain pen first!


There is no competition running at the moment, but…hint hint… go away and practice drawing bears – whether your own teddy bear or an imaginary one. I’m sure they will come in useful!