April 2021

Stitches wins April‘s Bear of the Month. We felt he should be recognised for his colourful appearance – more colours on one bear than we have seen so far! Caroline tells us he was part of a sale raising money for the NHS. Well done Stitches!

March 2021

Fernando – or ‘Nando to his friends – is one of the tinier bears we’ve seen. But that doesn’t stop him getting out and about on adventures! There’s a lot of get up and go contained in that small body. Size definitely doesn’t matter to this bear! Thanks to Isaac for sending him in – a worthy winner.

February 2021

As you can see, Mo is an older bear who has survived several generations but despite a lot of wear and tear he is still sporting a beaming smile. Mo is clearly an ‘Optabear’ and his picture cheered us up on a rather gloomy day. Hooray for Mo!

January 2021

Here is January’s Bear of the Month: Edward S Bear. He is very old as you can see and we do not know his actual age although it is likely nearly 100. His winning qualities are his advanced age and his ‘down with the bears’ fashion sense. Well done Edward!

December 2020

Well this month’s Bear (s) of the month is a twosome! Not strictly within the rules but how could we resist a bear and a rabbit! This is Frankie the bear and Daisy the rabbit – although given their close friendship we think this may be another case of a rabbit who is also a bear! Well done and thanks to Flo and Bella for sending their photo in!

November 2020

This is Bert. He’s King. And he looks very good in a shower cap. Two great reasons why he should be Bear of the Month. Don’t you agree?!